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Atelier KV - Interior Design Atelier

Atelier KV is an interior design atelier dually based in London and Portugal. We work across a variety of projects from private client homes and consultancy to residential developments and commercial spaces.

With Portuguese heritage and English designers, we thrive on interpreting a broad range of cultural influences into a unique design language that is driven by the client’s vision and objectives for the project.

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We love interiors and furniture design.

Working alongside talented interior designers on bespoke projects is a wonderful experience. Follow our journey and find out more about us, our products, and our bespoke service. Above all, get inspired!

Mastering the bedroom – creating a personal sanctuary

The bedroom as we know it today has evolved from a somewhat tumultuous and fascinating history that, through previous centuries, has also mirrored the social behaviour and day-to-day lives of the community.  In medieval times there was no concept of privacy with large groups of people living, working and sleeping in the ‘great hall’ of a house.  Only the lord and lady of the house lived in the upper floor – known as ‘the chamber’ but this was by no means private as it also accommodated family, friends and servants as well as business activities.  Through Tudor and Stuart times, the bedroom continued to be a place of enormous importance and a huge amount of money was spent crafting and designing the bed, which was also taken away when travelling.  Often a third of a family’s wealth was spent on the bed which was passed down through generations.   The... The post Mastering the bedroom – creating a personal sanctuary appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

The promise of strength and hopefulness – Pantone’s colours of the year 2021

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” mused the iconic artist Pablo Picasso.  Nothing it seems could be truer today as the Kassavello team consider Pantone’s selection for ‘Colour of the Year 2021’. This year the colour authority has chosen not one but two colours for the title – only the second time in 22 years that they have chosen to do so.  ‘Ultimate Grey’ (Pantone 17-5104) and ‘Illuminating yellow’ (Pantone 13-0647).  Following a tumultuous year with a global pandemic Pantone describe the balance of this duo as: ‘A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.’ Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute goes on to say: ‘The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and... The post The promise of strength and hopefulness – Pantone’s colours of the year 2021 appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

2021 – Renewal, Restoration and Reinvigoration – a reflective guide to new Design Trends

There is no doubt that 2020 has brought some of the greatest changes to our lives, the likes of which haven’t been seen for decades.  The emotional, psychological, cultural, and economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been far-reaching and spanned regions, countries, continents, and almost every corner of the globe.  However, far from wholly negative consequences, energy, creativity, and human resilience have risen tall.  No more so has this been true than within the world of interiors, particularly the way in which professionals and consumers are reimaging design within the home. The close of the year always brings with it a plethora of industry predictions for the forthcoming months but this year the trends and vogues of aesthetic and practical preferences seem to hold an even greater poignancy as people reflect on how important a sanctuary their home really has become.  With that in mind, we have uncovered some... The post 2021 – Renewal, Restoration and Reinvigoration – a reflective guide to new Design Trends appeared first on Kassavello Blog.