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Atelier KV - Interior Design Atelier

Atelier KV is an interior design atelier dually based in London and Portugal. We work across a variety of projects from private client homes and consultancy to residential developments and commercial spaces.

With Portuguese heritage and English designers, we thrive on interpreting a broad range of cultural influences into a unique design language that is driven by the client’s vision and objectives for the project.

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We love interiors and furniture design.

Working alongside talented interior designers on bespoke projects is a wonderful experience. Follow our journey and find out more about us, our products, and our bespoke service. Above all, get inspired!

Sophisticated pastels for living room projects

Prior to the outbreak of a global pandemic, back in September 2019, Dulux named tranquil dawn, a hazy pale green, as its colour of the year 2020. The soft hue is said to reflect a growing desire to understand what it is to be human at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other. Fast Forward almost a year and that sentiment has, if anything, become even stronger and reinforced since the changes in our lifestyles that the Covid 19 crisis has brought about. Many global surveys have pointed to the fact that the majority of people don’t wish to return to life as it was pre-pandemic.  They have relished spending increased time with friends and family and the opportunity to reconnect with outdoor natural spaces.  Soft pastel hues such as hazy pale green can create an ambience of calming relaxation within a living space... The post Sophisticated pastels for living room projects appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

The Future of Custom Design

In 1858 English couturier Charles Frederick Worth established the first haute couture house in Paris, championing made to order luxury fashion for elite women who could afford to indulge in a service that offered them a unique opportunity to channel their style DNA.  As the lines between fashion and interior design have blurred and interwoven over the proceeding years 2020 has brought the design industry to a point where, for the discerning client, their home demands to be as well dressed and exclusive as their couture wardrobe.   Not only that, but as well as creating a canvas for the ultimate in creative self-expression, the home has also become an opportunity for the client to own a narrative around their design choices – why did they choose particular materials for a bespoke piece of furniture, how has that piece been made and by whom?  The more exclusive and interesting the... The post The Future of Custom Design appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

A Modern Residential Project designed by Homes One Interiors

A bespoke design journey with Homes One Interiors Chelsea is arguably one of the most desirable places to live in London.  So when interior design atelier Homes One were tasked with furnishing two modern residential projects – two apartments – within the area they were keen to take a bold approach, ensuring that the properties would stand out within the marketplace through the incorporation of exquisite bespoke furniture and distinctive styling. Having collaborated on previous projects with us, the Homes One team involved Kassavello in the modern residential project at a very early stage to determine the scope and possibilities for a variety of branded items and bespoke furniture.  Not only were the aims of the project high but as with so many similar projects there was a strict timeline to adhere to and a budget to comply with.  Facilitating early conversations ensured that the Homes One design team could... The post A Modern Residential Project designed by Homes One Interiors appeared first on Kassavello Blog.