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Atelier KV - Interior Design Atelier

Atelier KV is an interior design atelier dually based in London and Portugal. We work across a variety of projects from private client homes and consultancy to residential developments and commercial spaces.

With Portuguese heritage and English designers, we thrive on interpreting a broad range of cultural influences into a unique design language that is driven by the client’s vision and objectives for the project.

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We love interiors and furniture design.

Working alongside talented interior designers on bespoke projects is a wonderful experience. Follow our journey and find out more about us, our products, and our bespoke service. Above all, get inspired!

Style, status and craft – the ubiquitous dining chair

From the earliest documented chairs in ancient Egypt through to iconic designs such as the 17th century Wainscot, the 18th century Fauteuil and early American Chippendales, no other item of furniture has been invested in with more care, design and craftsmanship than the dining chair. Swaying between practicality of form and in latter years, style over substance, the evolution of artisan techniques means that today neither comfort or exquisite design need to be compromised when selecting a chair. Here at Kassavello we thrive on selecting the very best dining chairs for our curated collection of branded furniture. The post Style, status and craft – the ubiquitous dining chair appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

The Art Of Bespoke

The rise of the digital democracy has created a seemingly limitless global marketplace for ideas, products and design trends and it’s not just limited to the mass market ‘high street’ consumer. The post The Art Of Bespoke appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

Unravelling Christmas traditions

From hanging up stockings to decorating Christmas trees, pulling crackers, and eating Christmas pudding – there is a multitude of rituals and traditions associated with the festive season and yet few people really understand the meaning and rationale behind these practices. Many dates back thousands of years to primitive times whilst others have been influenced by religion, popular culture, and even commercial advertising. As the team at Kassavello start to hang up their decorations and get into the festive spirit we set out to uncover some of the mystery surrounding these rituals and to understand how the power of color, texture, and design has the ability to sprinkle some Christmas magic in every household. The smell of pine needles and twinkling lights glistening from top to toe is a tradition that goes back to Roman times when fir trees were first decorated at temples in honor of the Roman god,... The post Unravelling Christmas traditions appeared first on Kassavello Blog.