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Atelier KV - Interior Design Atelier

Atelier KV is an interior design atelier dually based in London and Portugal. We work across a variety of projects from private client homes and consultancy to residential developments and commercial spaces.

With Portuguese heritage and English designers, we thrive on interpreting a broad range of cultural influences into a unique design language that is driven by the client’s vision and objectives for the project.

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We love interiors and furniture design.

Working alongside talented interior designers on bespoke projects is a wonderful experience. Follow our journey and find out more about us, our products, and our bespoke service. Above all, get inspired!

How to find the perfect boardroom table?

The boardroom as we know it today has been in existence since the early 17th century providing a place for people to gather together, delegate authority, and ensure that the workings of society or business are carried out efficiently and effectively.  Square tables within the boardroom have traditionally reinforced the power dynamics of a leadership team – at the head of the table you carry an unspoken message of leadership and control whilst in a middle seat you are collaborative, approachable, and a team player.  Round tables tend to create an atmosphere of relaxed informality, ideal for promoting discussion and teamwork although interestingly by moving the chair back a little, in either setting, you can claim a psychological advantage with regards to status and authority. In today’s changing climate business structures have become far more collaborative and open.  Companies are often pursuing high levels of creative thinking to stay one... The post How to find the perfect boardroom table? appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

Kuwait Villa Project – a Kassavello and Covet collaboration

Kuwait – a country steeped in tradition but led by contemporary vision with an appetite for the very finest design and craftsmanship.  We at  Kassavello have been fascinated by this beautiful country for some time so in their own words, it was a “hugely exciting opportunity” when they were approached by the Covet group with a chance to help a client seeking to furnish her new family villa in Kuwait with the finest items from the Covet portfolio.  “As a brand partner of the Covet group we are privileged to have access to a diverse range of exquisite and unique furniture and lighting.  To be able to collaborate with a client as passionate as we are about these products created the perfect partnership.”  Ana & Renata, Co-Founders, Kassavello. Collaborative consultation The design process began with a series of in-depth conversations with the client regarding the property, the family’s practical needs,... The post Kuwait Villa Project – a Kassavello and Covet collaboration appeared first on Kassavello Blog.

Sophisticated pastels for living room projects

Prior to the outbreak of a global pandemic, back in September 2019, Dulux named tranquil dawn, a hazy pale green, as its colour of the year 2020. The soft hue is said to reflect a growing desire to understand what it is to be human at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other. Fast Forward almost a year and that sentiment has, if anything, become even stronger and reinforced since the changes in our lifestyles that the Covid 19 crisis has brought about. Many global surveys have pointed to the fact that the majority of people don’t wish to return to life as it was pre-pandemic.  They have relished spending increased time with friends and family and the opportunity to reconnect with outdoor natural spaces.  Soft pastel hues such as hazy pale green can create an ambience of calming relaxation within a living space... The post Sophisticated pastels for living room projects appeared first on Kassavello Blog.