Residential Interior Design

residential interior design concept board for belgravia property

From our London studio Atelier KV offer a unique interior design service, tailored to the personal needs of the client and founded on quality, craftsmanship and attention to the finest details.

We understand that in today’s world clients have incredible access to the world of interior design through a variety of social media platforms and as such often have their own well-defined ideas and style preferences. Actively listening to our clients and understanding their aspirations from the very first meeting allows us to take a focused and collaborative approach, developing designs that are a genuine reflection of their practical needs, lifestyle and personal taste.

Residential Interior Designers Samples

As designs are developed, we share a variety of visual elements with our clients, from mood boards to colour palettes, material samples and technical drawings through to photo realistic CGI images ensuring that the client fully understands each creative decision and that our approach seamlessly captures their personal vision for the space.

With a heritage in bespoke furniture design heralding from our sister company Kassavello, our team have access to some of the most accomplished craftspeople in the luxury marketplace and excel in designing and developing unique pieces of furniture as a key component of our curated approach.

Residential Interior Design Mood Board South Kensington

With an astute appreciation of today’s residential market, we understand the importance of maximising the value of a property through smart design decisions.

We identify what needs to be done to not only fulfil our clients’ aesthetic aspirations but also to add value to their investments. Simultaneously we have robust internal processes in place to ensure that project management across contractors, suppliers and other third parties runs seamlessly and efficiently to meet deadlines and align to agreed budgets.

Residential Interior Design London Joinery

Every residential project that Atelier KV undertakes is unique and as such our services are always adaptable to the needs of the client.

From architectural design, to spatial planning, furniture curation, furniture design and styling, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite homes inspired by our client’s vision.


Looking to make your design dreams a reality? Call us on +44 (0)20 32864488 or email to discuss your ideas.


Looking to make your design dreams a reality? Call us on +44 (0)20 32864488 or email to discuss your ideas.